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  Attitude is foundational to success. A generous person with a positive attitude will thrive. If you change your attitude, you change your perception, change your actions, and change your life. As every life changes, you change the world.


  1. Change your tone of voice. For 30 seconds, speak softer, calmer, or just more pleasantly. You might be surprised at the results. Did you know, for example, that a softer voice giving clear instructions commands more authority with children than a yell? If frustrated in a business dealing, try a more peaceful tone, even if only for 30 seconds, and see if it leads to a quicker resolution.


  2. Choose one idea you gave up and re-visit it. For 30 seconds, consider giving it one more try. Was there an invention, a project, or some task that just seemed too daunting or frustrating? Choose one and decide to try it one more time. Imagine if everyone mustered up the courage to use their God-given ingenuity in whatever their giftings. What new things would the world see created?


  3. For 30 seconds, give someone another chance. Listen for just one more time, re-evaluate a first impression, or give one more opportunity to see if they have changed. You may be surprised.


  4. Tell your children “I love you” or “I am proud of you”. Make it meaningful, look them in the eye, and show how you value them. It will mean the world. Imagine if every parent said affirming words to every child, for 30 seconds, everyday.


  5. The next time you find yourself wanting instant gratification, impatiently wanting something you cannot have at that moment, give thanks to God for what you already do have for 30 seconds. It may change your attitude.


  6. For 30 seconds, stand up straighter and with your head held high. Look others in the eye and walk with confidence. See how great it feels?


  7. Choose one thing you were putting off for another time that could be done today, and decide to do it! It only takes 30 seconds to make a decision to act. Be sure you value keeping your promise to yourself, and then know that this will lead to action.


  8. Clean up someone else’s mess.


  9. Compliment someone with a genuine comment on what you appreciate or respect about them.


  10. Stand up for someone or something you believe in. A quick sentence of support can do wonders and expand your influence.


  11. Find a way to authentically encourage someone in their efforts with a “you can do it!” comment. Believe in them and show it.


  12. Invite someone over (or a group of someones) that you would like to get to know: set a specific time and day for a dinner together. The world could use more socializing. What about you? Take the initiative and make the invitation to a new friendship.


  13. Give your spouse a physical sign of affection for 30 seconds in public. Brush your hand softly on her cheek, run your fingers through his hair, give a soft hug, a gentle squeeze of the hand, or a quick kiss. It is good for children to see their parents comfortable with quick displays of affection, and great for strengthening intimacy in marriage. Imagine how closeness might grow in marriages if every couple deliberately showed affection for 30 seconds? Better yet, do it several times a day.


  14. Learn 1 new word (preferably from a different language than you already know) or learn a quick and wonderful fact about another culture or country.


  15. Write a check for 10% of your monthly income and place it in the mailbox. Send it to your church, a charity, or a worthy cause, but give it away.


  16. Pray every morning for 30 seconds to conquer your fear and courageously face all your opportunities, keep your mind open in setting goals and keep your attitude positive. Quickly judge your plan for the day against your priorities (be sure your choices fit with your focus- remember in business and for your family, time is one of your most valuable assets). After the 30 seconds, you may be inspired to make a change.

  每天早晨祈祷30秒,以克服恐惧,或是获得气去面对你的所有机会。在树立目标的时候保持心胸开阔,态度要积极。以优先级标准迅速的判断你当天的计划(须保证你的选择与你的重点相符-记住无论在职场还是家中,时间都是你最宝贵的资产). 30秒之后,你也许已经获得激励去做一些改变。

  17. Ask someone “how are you doing?” and then be ready to truly listen.


  18. Put $20 in an envelope (or $50 or $100), write “from anonymous”, and secretly (and quickly, to fit in 30 seconds) leave it with someone you know could use it. Doing good deeds without public recognition feels great.. Try it and see!


  19. Do something quick for the environment: refuse food in styrofoam, tear apart those plastic things that go around cans and choke birds, or help an animal in distress break free, etc.


  20. Choose a great breakfast . Choose to eat no sugar and foods low in starch. Eat more protein and fruit. Start your day right to be more productive.

  选择吃一顿精致的早餐。 不吃糖,吃低淀粉的食物。摄入更多的蛋白质和水果。正确的开始以使你的一天更富有成效。

  21. If you have been indoors, get out and feel the sunshine on your face for 30 seconds- it will elevate your mood quickly (if it is 100 degrees outside then feel the sunshine from a more comfortable temperature if possible).


  22. Say yes to giving a charitable donation at your local merchant when asked (give one more time than you had planned to give).


  23. Register to vote. Just fill out a 30 second card! As you follow this or any registration process of your country, determine to take advantage of the opportunity to vote when it comes, if you are able to do so.


  24. Plant a seed (or plant a plant or tree if you have the skills to do so this quickly). Imagine if millions did this at once.


  25. Turn off the lights in a room where you are not (turn off the water when not in use, etc.). Every 30 seconds matters.


  26. Place a bag by your trash and put a recyclable item inside it. Congratulations, you have now started recycling!


  27. Stop any bad habit in 30 seconds. Then keep repeating at 30 second intervals.


  28. Seek out laughter and laugh for 30 seconds. Repeat as needed to release tension.


  29. Drink water. 喝水。

  30. Imagine for 30 seconds being content with everything you have. Then imagine balancing contentment with striving to continue God’s purpose in you, take an attitude of perseverance, and determine to go for it!