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  This film tells us a story about how a mon panda bees a real dragon warrior。 这个电影为我们讲述了一个平凡的熊猫怎样成为一个真正的龙武士的。
  At the beginning,the Master Shifu did not believe that the panda can be a courageous dragon warrior。
  Through the panda's persistence,he win Master Shifu's acceptance。 透过熊猫坚持不懈的努力,他赢得了师傅的认可。
  Master Shifu tries his best to train the panda into a real warrior according to Master Wugu's instruction。
  Finally,the panda succeeded in beating their biggest enemy -----the tiger。 最终,熊猫成功的打败了他们的最大的敌人----虎。
  This movie tells us that:every difficulty can be overe as long as you tried your utmost persistently。
  I am honored today watched the United States, 3D cartoon animated film
  The story is the old man Carl and his wife Eliza has always been thought of children in South America, waterfall wonderland adventure, resulting from the failure to move forward in life, Eliza's death, and Carl has been depressed forever because he thought at this age it is impossible to go sing。 Later, builders want to demolish his own house, old people are very angry, sad, and he whim, with tens of thousands of balloons tied to the house, the cottage is really uprooted overfly, and mistakenly entered his house with a stupid Russell flew with the boy in South America。 Journey, they funny bird, simple and honest and courageous dog overe difficulties together with round after round, after untold hardships, taking advantage of their wisdom to defeat the ferocious vicious Symonds, the little boy Russell has also been a result
  The film, there are old-fei Xia, children dream, a decisive battle between good and evil, obstacles and difficulties, the whole process of whimsy, thrilling, enjoyable, funny funny to see, after guffawing, shouting quickly, really Very good read!!
  Movies, not just give us joy, more are touched by the story inside us understand a truth: Only those who are strong beliefs, are likely to succeed
  贫民窟的百万富 Slumdog Millionaire
  The story of Jamal Malik, an 18 year-old orphan from the slums of Mumbai, who is about to experience the biggest day of his life。 With the whole nation watching, he is just one question away from winning a staggering 20 million rupees on India's
  A Millionaire?
  What makes this story great? I must say that this is one of the most realistic movies I saw。 Watching it is just like hearing an orphan telling about his hardships and struggles on the streets。 The violence, the emotions, the realms of a third world country, and the beauty of love regardless of any situation was nicely presented on the movie。 It also showed the kind of life the slams of India has - the children, the women, and the heartless adults。 The nicest thing that I like about the movie is the light after dark part。 That something good is possible when you just don’t lose hope。 The innocent look and the sad eyes of Dev Patel are perfect for Jamal’s character。 Frieda Pinto is really pretty, just the perfect flower on the movie。 The rest of the characters are well-suited。 This movie’s characters must be the well selected Indian actors。
  是什么让这个伟大的故事?我务必说,这是最现实的电影,我看到一。看它就像一个听证会告诉他的困难孤儿和街头的斗争。暴力,情感,一个第三世界国家的境界,爱的美丽,不论任何状况提出了很好的电影。它也证明了这种生活了印度大满贯 - 儿童,妇女,无情的成年人。的最好的东西,我喜欢的电影是在黑暗的一部分光。这是好东西时,你可能只是不失去期望。
  The story expands into the lead actor’s life experience and how he e to know about the correct answers in the show。 Overall, I came out of the movie feeling it was nicely done。 The movie brings the audience into the actual daily realities of life in India and it depicts how one can chase love and in the course of it something good could happen and life without hope will change。
  This is a story about one path leading to the final success is people's endurance and resolution,of
  course, some certain good luck also count。
  Let's give some further explanation about this path。 First of all, as an indispensible element resulting in success, endurance plays an important role in the course of people's life。Directly speaking, it's hard for people to get to his destination without it。As for the resolution,just like the hero performing in this movie, determines his final fate。 He has dream in his deepest heart, and he has the resolution to make it e true, eventually, by means of it, his dream has been realized。 Above these elements mentioned above, good luck is also important。Sometimes, it can help push things forward。
  In all,we can not be of successful without our hard work。
  My feeling after seeing
  This is a ture story of a young man,Brad Cohen。He is a great orator,a great teacher and a great writer。For such a man,we think he is successful。For now it’s ture。but in his childhood,he is not successful。 This film is about his childhood。Brad Cohen is the held who was born with a disease called Tourette syndrome。At the beigning,The held’s father can’t put up with his bad diseases for he is just always making terrible noise wherever he is。When taking the classes the teacher telles him not to making the
  noises,but he can’t help it。So everyone hate him except his mother。His mother always encourage him but it can’t help he escape the pain。Until one day his headmaster told everyone in his school realized the reason for his behavior。At this moment,Brad Cohen have a deram that everyone think he can’t success。This dream is he want to be a teacher。 When he gruated form a famous college。Find a job is a big challenge。Although this is difficule,he did it。He find a job and a girlfriend。 So this film tell us neer give up whatever matter yu have met,trease your life is the most important,your life will never fade if you keep on trying 。Life is like a box of chocolate,you will never know what you take next。
  第一部 西雅图不眠夜 Sleepless in Seltal
  适中的语速,好看的故事情节,关于一个失去妻子带着孩子寂寞度日的男人和另一个有爱但却相信感情魔力的女子相逢最后走到一齐的故事。类似于中国人讲的缘分天注定,MAGIC,相信一些常人不相信的东西,但是最终变成事实,一个很完美的关于真爱与生活的集子。推荐指数**** 2009。5。6
  讲述一个小国男子为了完成对父亲的承诺,远赴纽约寻找签名,而因为战争无法办理签证滞留机场的故事。在滞留期间为了生存他透过各种办法打工,之后因为自我的建筑手艺而在机场谋的得生计,还因为有着一颗善良悲悯的心赢得了机场所有人都爱戴,与大家打成一片,并在机场与一位同样在等待的女子邂逅,最后战争结束,机场生活也结束,男主角成功得到最后一个签名为父亲完成心愿。讲述的主题是关于爱承诺国家归属和平故事。很值得一看,推荐指数:**** 2009。5。15
  第三部 律政俏佳人 Legally Blonde
  看完这部电影,我很激动,尤其是主人公用美容知识最后精彩盘问出真正的犯罪分子,真的很帅还有最后的结尾很意味深长。看完这部电影收获很大,尤其是女同胞们,相信必须会很震撼。强力推荐所有失恋的女同胞去看一下这部电影说不定你会开始一个全新的人生。我看完这部电影后,彻底从失恋的阴影里走出来,故事主要讲述女主角被男友抛弃,为了挽回感情她费尽一切力气考进哈弗法学院,之后开始了法学院的人生,最后他摆脱掉了失恋的阴影找回了属于自我的精彩人生,活出了自我的本色和精彩。真的很值得一看,推荐指数××××× 以下经典台词
  哈佛大学法学院Professor Stromwell在给新生首次上课时意味深长地说: A legal education means you will learn to speak in a new language。 You will be taught to achieve insight into the world around you, and you sharply question what you know。 The law is reason free from passion。 It leaves much room for interpretation, but leaves very little for self-doubt。在哈佛大学法学院的毕业典礼上
  Professor Stromwell自豪地说:I am, personally, very honored to introduce this year's classelected speaker。 After getting off a quite insteresting start here at Harvard, she graduates today with an invitation to join one of Boston's most prestigious law firms。 I am sure we are going to see great things from her。 Ladies and Gentlemen: Elle Woods。
  紧之后,女主人公Elle Woods代表毕业生发言:Elle Woods: On our very first day at Harvard, a very wise professor quoted Aristotle, "The law is reason free from passion!" Well, no offence to Aristotle, but in my three years at Harvard, I've e to find that passion is the key ingredient to the study and practise of law and of life。 It's with passion, courage of conviction, strong sense of self that we take our next steps into the world! Remembering the first impressions are not always correct。 You must always have faith in people。 And most importantly, you must have faith in yourself! Congratulations class of 2004---we did it!
  What would it feel if I can wake up everyday forgetting what happened for the last whole year?
  Lucy in the movie “50 First Dates” told me this feeling。 Every morning when she woke up, she only rememberred the Sunday of last year which was her father’s birthday, also the date she had the car accident which made her only keep memory before Sunday, so she always felt happy living the same habit as what she did on Sunday a year ago with the kind set-up by her father and brother。 After meeting Henry, she could only remember who he was on the same day。 But after one night, he became a stranger to her。 She couldn’t even recognize he was the one she used to date and love everyday。 Henry tried his best to give her a new different meeting every day so as to win her smile and regain their “First Date”。 Henry made her tapes every morning to help her remember what happened the day before and the last whole year。 Lucy thus felt grateful with all she had when she woke up everyday。 On the same day, she always had the same deep gratitude to face Henry with her sweet smile。
  What a beautiful feeling it is to always feel thanksgiving and to always appreciate each other’s effort。 A touching story between a memory lost woman and a devoted man taught all of us, normal people, the essence of love。 When two people can thank each other for their devotion everyday like what they did for each other on first date, love can forever be refreshed and energetic。 On Lucy’s side, people with memory will ask for more than yesterday and bee critical of their partners day by day, while people without memory will feel grateful for their life and the people around them everyday。
  In the movie, when one day Lucy decided to break up with Henry to let him rebuild his life by burning all their diaries and tapes, I cried for Henry’s broken heart。 For her, it was just one day feeling。 For him, it was long-term affection and connection。 It was easier for her than him to give up their love。 On Henry’s side, people with memory will always remember the past happiness and treasure it for the rest of their life, while people without memory will easily give up at the end of the same day。
  What a ruthless feeling it is to end a relationship just after one minute thought。 People with fragile mind would easily ruin a long-term relationship no matter what reason they have。 The torture between Lucy and Henry tells us the fatal factor to do harm to intimacy between a couple is their fragile mind of balancing emotion and reason。 Thus most of couple lose their trust for each other after experiencing this weakly testing broke-up。
  Pacific Rim
  Toady I want to share something about a new film this year named Pacific Rim 。 As a standard Hollywood film, it quiet hot before it came out and it is believed that Pacific Rim will surely be a hit just as Avatar and 2012。
  However, after it came out and everyone rushed into the theater, we only find that it just like another Independence Day。 But this time the alien are from the deep ocean not the space。 So its predictable plotting really made me sick。
  In terms of scenes, it dose have an exciting and fantastic scenes, just as other science-fictiony movies。 But with the development and dissemination of the technology, these special effects are mon to the audience。 It is not the monopoly of Hollywood film。 So it is very important to have interesting plot and profound meaning。
  Unfortunately, I didn’t see any active meaning in this film but learning English is important for all the pilots that can not speak English were killed or defeated。 Although there are many countries in the film but all the monsters are killed but several American。
  At first, many Chinese audiences are glad to find something about China in the film。 The battlefield was also in Hong Kong。 And many machines were made by China, but it can not conceal the arrogance of the American。 They are still in the dream that they are the hero of the world。
  In the movie, Chinese people used the body of the monster as medicine and sold these things。 The Chinese robot is the largest and need more pilots, but in the battle the robot was defeated by one hit while American robot seemed to be immortal。 It made me feel unfortable while seeing these scenes。 When all said and done, it is made by American。
  In the past, Hollywood film were very popular around the world relying on the advancement of puter technique。 But people have bee resistant to it after watching so many similar scenes。 It is impossible to suit the audiences’ taste if a film doesn’t show fantastic imagination and moving contents。
  So I wonder where are the Hollywood films are going to。 In my mind, Hollywood films will not be a sign of excellent films and attractive as it used to be if it still focus on the tedious mercial films。 Film is a stage to give human dreams and realize the dream that we all dreamed
  The Lord of the Rings:The Fellowship of the Ring
  This story is talk about the most powerful ring of the world。It happens in another places where was written by the famous writer in the UK——J。R。R。 Tolkien。
  In that place,there has a race called Shire。There lived a Hobbit named Bilbo Baggins。He had a beautiful and powerful ring。But,it can leads someone who had it to go to the wrong way and made someone to be evil。His friends, Gandalf,Grey Pilgrim,and the White Rider knows that。And he advise Bilbo to give up the ring,and give it to his nephew——Frodo Baggins to detroy it。Frodo together with his three friends meet the els,the dwarfs and the man to talk about that who will go with Frodo and his friends。Finally,Gandalf, Aragorn (the real king),and a man a dwarf a els will go。
  For all the roles,I like the Gandalf best。Although he very powerful,but he likes to discover new things。Just like he enjoy smoking because of Hobbit。He is kind,brave humorous and clever。He always want to protect the others even the price is die。He fights with the monster from the ancient to make the others running away。But he falls from the cliff。So he dead。I like him I want to be someone like him although I was not very strong and had no power。But I still want to protect someone who I loved。 It’s really a good film
  The Lord of the Rings:The Two Towers
  It is the sequel of the Fellowship of the Ring。The story has bee much better and better。
  They are mulling three ways。One is Frodo Baggins and his friend Sam。They still on the way to the Mordor to destroy the ring。They meet the Guru。Bilbo Baggins stealed it from Guru when he was young。Guru wants to steal again but he don’t know this power he can’t control。Guru always thinks that the rings belongs him。He wants it so he trys to help Frodo。One is Frodo another two friends。Gandalf send him to the ents’s family to against the Saruman,the evil man。One is Gandalf。He leads the Aragorn and two man to fight the orcs。They won the battle。
  By now,I have to say a things about the Gandalf。He falls fromm the cliff but he didn’t die at once。He fights the monster from here to there。He killed the monster and dead。The Gandalf in gray was dead,but the Gandalf in white was born。He became much more powerful。It’s really cool。I have to say。My favourite roles still was him。
  I like a saying which is from Gandalf: So do all who live to see such times, but that is not for them to decide。 All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us。 Just for these。
  The moral issues proposed by artificial intelligence
  In the movie, a diversity of robots were created to meet human's need。 And when the first robot with emotion like humans is going to be produced, someone raised a question: what responsibility should human take for robots who are created to love human? In fact, it's really a great challenge in traditional morality。
  What happens if we begin to create a robot that is capable to love likes us? It means that we would be more struggling to regard robot as an animate lives or just a tool to feet our needs, especially an intelligent object just cries and laughs exactly like us。 The two choices represent two divergent attitudes towards robot。 Emotionally, it's natural for people to regard robots who are so similar to us as our friends or families, even closer than pets。 They both have feelings and emotion。 For intelligent robots with emotion, they work, talk, and even love as we do。 However, rationally, robots are just artificial machines designed by human, and made to serve us, which give human a great appetency to control and rule them, using as slaves or even tools。 Apparently, it's difficult to tell which attitude is right definitely for now。 For the reason that, when there is a novel controversial object shaping in the process of technology, traditional morality tends to wake and needs to develop。
  When I was a freshman in college I watched the film Gua Sha Treatment for the first time, now I am a junior student and I e back to review the movie from a multicultural aspect, I have many different feelings after watching the film again。
  At the beginning of the film, XuDatong is given an award and later he delivers a speech。 What makes me impressed most is in his speech he says “one day I will bee one of you, a truly successful American, today this award proved that America is a true land of opportunity and I am the living proof of that。” At that moment Xu thinks he has realized his American Dream totally with his lovingly wife and adorable son。 However, I think it is ironical that to make a speech like that and I assume it is made on purpose to hind a clue for the story’s development。 How many non-American people have such a beautiful American dream? One of my classmate studies in American now and before he went aboard he told me his American dream is he can stand at the top of the New York。 To be honest, I also dream that one day I can get the Green Card living there happily and successfully maybe working at the Wall Street。 When Xu gets the award he thinks he entirely melted in the melting pot neglecting the multicultural obs
  truct, later the plot goes against the way he thinks。 And later Quinlan asked Xu ‘why you be the scapegoat of your father?’ Xu answers ‘because he is Chinese。’ Then maybe Xu knows that there is always a wide gap between Chinese and American cultures。
  The second scene is Xu hit his son Denis because Denis hit the son of xu’s boss, at the middle of the film xu tells his boss that he hit his own son is only to show his respect to his boss John Quinlan, that time Quinlan feels puzzled “what a Chinese logic”, yes, American can never understand such a logic full of Chinese characteristic, because they respect everyone including the children, they won’t beat a child to please the boss, and there is no such a conception of degree between employee and employer, they feel everyone is equal, which is quite different from china。
  Connected to the second scene, the third difference I want to analyze is the care for the children。 In America, people pay more attention to the right of children which can be seen from the law—leaving children alone at home is illegal, while in China it is so mon that almost everyone may experience such loneliness。 And Children Welfare Agency does work in America which shows the importance Americans attach to children’s right。 What’s more, I remember a line ‘No one won the case, especially the child。’ In my opinion, it also manifests the universal concern from the American public to the children。
  The fourth aspect is following the procedure, in the film, more than there times, the people focus on the rule, the law, the procedure。 At the Christmas Eve Xu wants to return back to his home pretending as a Santa Claus, what a pity, the security recognizes him and persuades ‘you are always a good tenement, never causes troubles for me。’ And another scene is at the end of the film , the judge says ‘I have to follow the procedure。’ However, in China people always have to ask for a favor to do something, and later you have to pay back the favor ,for myself, I prefer the American style, strict to the procedure。
  The fifth and the last point is the humors, Quinlan says ‘you can’t fall, your health security is the pany paid。’ ‘Datong, wele home, maybe next time, you can e from the front door。’ ‘dady, why you e from the window’ ‘ because we don’t have a chimney。’ I really adore this distinguished American humor, especially in dangerous situations, which is quite rare in China。
  That’s my whole reaction to Gua Sha Treatment。
  Personally speaking, I think Leonardo DiCaprio’s look in this movie is his best look ever, even beats his look in the sensational blockbuster Titanic。 DiCaprio was at his best age when he
  played as Romeo in this film and he turns out to be the perfect incarnation of the perfectly romantic, enigmatic and somehow charmingly hysterical young Romeo。 Claire Danes may not be the most beautiful Juliet, but she interprets perfectly the image of an infatuated young girl in her first love。 I can never forget the scene when they first meet at the ball。 The image of them looking into each other’s eyes through the aquarium with the mesmerized smile on each of their faces takes your breath away with the magical atmosphere of love at the first
  When their passion stark naked, you may laugh: they joy out easy wit, Elizabeth era, the tone of the English deduce this period of psychedelic tragedy story。
  The main mysterious in Shakespeare's value from the Revelations of the drama, for the most simple and is the most plicated person see of, very charming, have some mysterious power。
  But there are many places, such as insufficient wear help lens:
  romeo knew when news of Juliet's death, his shirt was buttoned, and then opened, then is the buckle up。
  In a word, this movie makes a perfect modern interpretation of the classic story, reviving the classic love more than four hundred years ago to our contemporary audience in the aid of high-tech visual and sound effects as well as its actors’ excellent performance。Romeo and Juliet in together, his wound change places, Juliet in touch romeo cheek, romeo in the hand of the small bottle
  slipped, but later, she and from his hand out the small bottle。 And so on。

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