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There is no standard form for a book report. However, every book report should contain the following four parts:

1. Identification. Give the title and author’s name. If the book is one with which your readers may not be familiar, identify it further. Give the name of the publisher, the place and year of publication,
the price, and the number of pages.
2. Classification. A word or phrase early in your report helps the reader keep in mind the type of book on which you are reporting; mystery, biography, humor, adventure, and so on. Your reader can then mentally compare it with similar books he has read.
3. Description. A skillful book report gives an overall view of a book without giving away its outcome. Your description of a book may include quotations or brief sketches of scenes or action that you think are representative of the book. Take notes while reading. It will save you the time and trouble of thumbing through the book
later to relocate quotations or other information.
4. Evaluation. Your opinion is the most important part of the report. It may be either your immediate reaction to the book or a judgment based on further study. In either case, your opinion
should be definite and clear. It should be supported with facts. You will want to comment on characterizations, plot, and recurring themes. Compare or contrast it to other books you’ve read. Write a word of criticism or praise while reading. It will help you recall your
impression of the material after you have finished the book.
Writing book reports can be a valuable exercise in clear thinking and precise writing. It also gives you the opportunity to
improve your writing and to develop a style of your own.
*** 题目统一为: A Book Report of Thirty-Nine Steps
内容的四个部分可以成四个段落写,不能出现1,2,3,4字样; 英文中没有书名号, 每个词用大写就可以或再加上下划线表示,
不用引号; 省略号为三点;
常见的表达法:简写本 simplified version/abbreviated version
故事大意如下 The gist of the story is as follows
主人公 leading role/leading character/hero/heroine
以……为背景 It is set on the eve of…/It is set on the
background that…
Sample 1
A Book Report of The Black Tulip
By Li Minli, Class 5, 2005
The Black Tulip is a novel written by Alexandre Dumas Pere, simplified by Micle Wester, and was published by Shanghai
Translation Press in 1983.
The story is set in the 17th century in Holland when fierce political conflicts prevailed while the society rioted.
In this story, Cornelius Van Baerle being so crazy about tulips tries to grow a black tulip without any other color on it at all in order to gain quite a substantial sum of money offered to the winner. However, Boxtel, a man living in the next door, also has a crush on the money. He then supervises every movement of Cornelius secretly for fear that Cornelius may grow better tulips than his own. Besides this, he also carries out many surreptitious activities to destroy Cornelius’ tulips by all means. Once a while, he accuses Cornelius of harbouring letters that might be harmful to the government so that Cornelius is sent to the prison without giving provocation. This nearly causes him to death. Even here, Cornelius manages to grow tulips with the help of Rosa, the daughter of the prison-keeper. But unfortunately, their first black tulip is stolen by
Boxtel. It’s Rosa who proves the truth and saves Coenelius by
It’s a happy ending in this novel as it says “Those who have suffered much, have a right to be happy.” This quotation brings the whole story to an end and will certainly motivate readers to go on.
Rosa herself will remain as quite a good example, too.
Besides, “justice could defeat evil however difficult it is and whatever the process would be” can be easily seen as the author’s
deep philosophy towards life.
By reading it, the reader can both enjoy the plots and be
Sample 2
A Book Report of The Black Tulip
By Huang Xin, Talents Class, 2006 I have recently read the simplified version of The Black Tulip published by Shanghai Translation Press. This novel was written by the distinguished French writer Alexandre Dumas Pere, the pioneer of the Romanticism Literature Movement in France. He was so popular that his works had been translated into several languages
and welcomed by readers all over the world.
This novel took 17th century Dutch bourgeois revolutionary period of intense political struggle and the turbulent life as its
This gist of the story is as follows. The leading role Cornelius is a young doctor who completely doesn’t inquire about politics. He loves growing tulips and is trying to cultivate a black tulip without any other color on it at all. In order to obtain the considerable bonus offered by the government to the first man who cultivates the very kind of black tulip, Boxtel, Cornelius’ neighbor, tries to destroy and steal the bulbs of Cornelius, even kill him. Fortunately, Cornelius in the prison gets acquainted with the prison-keeper’s daughter Rosa and they fall in love. Under Rosa’s help, Cornelius realized his
dream and achieves happiness at last.
It’s firmly believed by some people that when you become rich and successful, happiness will naturally follow. After reading this novel, I believe that nothing is further from the truth. To my mind, the secret to happiness lies in your successful work, in your contribution towards others’ happiness and in your wealth you have
earned through your own honest efforts.
Firstly, in order to obtain happiness, you should achieve your successful work, in order to achieve your successful work, you
should go through thick and thin. As the writer said, “those who have suffered much, have a right to be happy.” Take the two leading characters for example. They eventually reach happiness after suffering a lot both psychologically and physiologically. Secondly, your happiness should live in your contribution towards others’ happiness, but not on the contrary, in destroying others’ happiness. If you get your happiness by taking advantage of others or by hurting others, you won’t be happy with it for long, at least, you won’t enjoy the real happiness. People will think you’re a mean person. Boxtel was a typical case. He would never gain
Thirdly, wealth obtained through dishonest means doesn’t bring happiness. Happiness is not an end, it is a process. It’s a continuous process of honest and productive work which makes a real contribution to others and makes you feel you are a useful and
worthy person.
Sample 3
A Book Report of Thirty-Nine Steps
By Ding Xiaobiao, Class 1, 2005 The book I read is an abbreviated version of John Buchan’s Thirty-Nine Steps, which was published in 2004 for a second time
by Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press. John Buchan, a Scotish writer and politician, had written lots of adventurous novels during his lifetime. And the Thirty-Nine Steps, written in
1915, is one of his most popular novels.
The adventurous story took place on the eve of the First World War. An Englishman called Richard Hannay accidentally got a piece of information that a group of German spies plan to murder the Greek Prime Minister and steal the English military secrets so as to stir up a world war. Leaving aside his own safety and danger, our witty leading role socialized with the sly German spies bravely. After going through all kinds of hardships, he finally conveyed the information to the Foreign Secretary. He shattered the German spies’ intrigue in the end. What was written in the little black notebook? Who was the mysterious Black Stone described in the notebook? Which thirty-nine steps were of great importance? Through reading the book, you will find out how our hero searched
for the answers to those confusions.
I am deeply touched by our hero’s determination to defense his motherland. Believe it or not, my heart jumped violently when the hero was in danger and felt released when everything went on smoothly. This book is written very well for its details are described lively. What’s more, it also teaches us a lesson that all of us could
do our little bit to contribute to our motherland especially when she
is in great trouble.
So, enjoy it while reading!
Sample 4
A Book Report of Tom Brown’s Schooldays
By You Meizhou, Class 1, Grade 2006 Tom Brown’s Schooldays is a simplified version which is written by Michael Wister. And the original work is by Thomas Hughes who was born in Berkshire in the south of England. He was not only a
writer, but also a politician and reformer.
Tom Brown’s Schooldays was published by Shanghai
Translation Press in 1857. It was Thomas’ first work and also his most influential work. It is famous in England as well as in America. The simplified version has totally 128 pages and it is sold at RMB¥
Tom Brown’s Schooldays was set on the eve of the Queen Victoria time. It showed how students felt through the vivid narration of Tom’s and some other students’ life in the Rugby school and the school environment.. Rugby was one of the most
influential schools at that time. But the public schools were under bad government. In the school, there was a good deal of bullying, physically punishing students and also quarrels between teachers. The teacher-student relationship was intensive. People thought masters and boys were natural enemies. But after some significant reforms on the school teaching methods by the master Thomas Arnold, the school appeared a new look. It was under such surroundings that leading role Tom was educated and grew up.
At first Tom feared the master, but when he knew how
anxiously and carefully the master had watched over these students’ lives he looked upon him with love and respect and thought of him as a very wise and good man. As the book said, “Now Tom’s faith was complete, and if next term the Doctor had stopped all football ad cricket and fagging, Tom would have
supported him with all his faith.”
So when Tom learnt the news of the Dr. Arnold’s death, he seemed to have lost the center point of his world. We can see how much Tom loved and respected him. And this reminds me of the book Harry Potter. Harry had the same feeling as Tom when he watched his old master killed by the enemies. Harry Potter is one of the books I love most. So when I saw some similarities with Harry Potter in this book, something drove me to read on. And in Tom’s
school there were some activities also reminding me of the book Harry Potter. The book interests me in some things more, such as the boys’ catching birds, fishing. This shows me the beautiful life
they lived and this is what I look forward to.
Sample 5
A Book Report of Thirty-nine Steps
By Lin Chengyan, Class 3, Grade 2007
The book Thirty-nine Steps is written by John Buchan. This simplified version is adapted by Roland John. Its publisher is Beijing Foreign Language University. It tells an adventure story. The gist of the story is as follows. Before the World War I breaks out, a British Richard Hannay happens to get the secrecy that the German spies plan to kill the Greek Prime Minister on June 15th in order to cause the world war with this excuse from an American reporter Scudder. He runs the risk of handing the information to the Foreign Officer in time through thick and thin. And then he does the London police a favor to catch the members of the Black Stone. It’s such a well-done book that I like it very much. The story is so exciting that it catches my attention all the time. I’m holding my breath every moment Hannay faces with danger and is nearly
caught by the enemies. The plots change so naturally and the
words seem to be attractive.
There’s growing a great respect to Hannay from the bottom of my heart. He has a strong personality. He could have lived a comfortable life in London without hardship. And he doesn’t know Scudder very well, but he likes him. He also enjoyed an adventure.
His most important valuable personality is that he loves peace so much. In order to create a happy life for the people all over the world, he gave up his own happiness to run a risk of handing the information. I can also learn that he is an unselfish man. While reading this book, I realize that Hannay is a person of intelligence. To my surprise, he figures out what the letters mean in Scudder’s notebook. He learns that the 39 steps points out that the Black Stone lives in somewhere by the sea. He always manages to escape. It shows that Hannay also has great courage in disguising
as the Fishman and some other persons. No matter how
dangerous it was, he never gave up.
However, history has its own regularity. Although Hannay tries his best to avoid the War from breaking out, it took place a few
months later.
Sample 6
A Book Report of Tom Brown’s Schooldays
By Chen Yixian, Class 4, Grade 2007
Tom Brown’s Schooldays is the first but the most influential work of Tomas Hughs. It became popular once it was published. Here, I’d like to present you its abridged version, which is adapted by Yao Tiancheng. It has a total of 133 pages and a rather low price of RMB¥5.8. The abridged version was first published in 1983 and then reprinted in 2000 by Shanghai Translation Press. Tom Brown’s Schooldays is really a nice book for us teenagers. It’s set in Rugby, the then famous public school. The story is based on the author’s own experience in his early study age. It portrays the growth of Tom Brown, the leading character, and his friends
East and Arthur.
At that time there was a bad atmosphere in Rugby that the big boys would make the pupils in lower forms do the fagging for them. Tom showed a sense of justice and courage to fight against the bullies. On the other hand, Tom was immature to regard it as a
pleasure to do what he was told not to do.
It was Arthur, a little boy, that made Tom change so much. Arthur was weak in body but strong in mind. His influence on Tom
was gradual but great. Despite that East shared much in common with Tom. Arthur did become a friend, even a teacher to Tom. With the help of each other, the three finally became more of a man. In a word, Tom Brown’s schooldays is a book worth reading. When you page through the book, you may find you’re looking back upon your own childhood. So how are you still wasting your time
now? Go and get one!
Sample 7
A Book Report of Tom Brown’s Schooldays
By Shen Yue, Class 7, Grade 2007
Recently I read a book with the title Tom Brown’s Schooldays written by Tomas Hughs, who is a British writer, reformer and politician. His other works, such as Tom Brown at Oxford, A Life of Alfred the Great and Scouring of the White Horse, are all very famous. Of all these books, Tom Brown’s Schooldays is the maiden and most successful one. Since published in 1857, it has
become popular with youngsters.
Tom Brown’s Schooldays is a biography of Tom Brown. It was set in the context of the author’s schooldays in Rugby. By
describing the study lives of Tom and his friends, the book acquaints us the then situations of Rugby school and thoughts of
students there.
Rugby school was the most influential public school at that time. However, it wasn’t in good order. As old Brooke, captain of the School House side when Tom was just a new boy, had said, “ there is a good deal of bullying.” What’s more, “masters and boys are natural enemies.” Teachers there never treated students well, except the Doctor, Tomas Arnold. He reformed principles of the school and thereby had an important influence on the practice of British education. He watched over boys’ lives anxiously and carefully. In turn, he won Tom’s honour and love. In such surroundings, Tom “opened his eyes to see the joy and beauty of life and had softened his heart to feel the fellowship of all living
The characterizations in this book are skillful. There are many subtleties worth attention. For instance, when Arnold died, Tom came back to Rugby. Through characterizing his reaction, complexion, action, psychology and words, this book presented Tom with real emotions at that news wonderfully. “ If only he could see the Doctor there for five minutes, and tell him what was in his heart, how much he loved and respected him.” Tom Brown’s
Schooldays focused on Tom’s growth. The part related to the Doctor didn’t make up a larger percentage. Instead, the author paid
much attention to the contradictions between schoolboys. Nevertheless, it didn’t weaken the theme. On the contrary, it made the theme more outstanding. That’s what we should learn from this
I appreciate this book. I’d like to recommend it to learners at my level. It is not too difficult, so we can get the ideas easily and learn something about the author’s writing skills at the same time. It is
really worth reading.
***纸张;格式;不是要求的书;语法(write, begin, read);态度;
The number of pages is 134/It has 134 pages in all/in
total/There are 134 pages in all/in total;
The price of the book is/It is worth /It is sold at RMB¥7.8

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